Climate Change and Ostriches…Better Known as Republicans

Most Americans want action on climate change. Republicans are the exception: Poll

Recently my wife and I had a discussion about Republicans. Basically, I don’t like them very much. She said that we needed to be able to do more to work together than just branding people as one thing or another. I know that’s true but it’s so hard to do when you have results on such important issues like this one, where once again Republicans just bury their heads in the sand about an issue so important to humanity.

Most of the rest of the world knows about the reality of climate change. For a long time, too many Americans were just plain stupid about it. An issue that should reside outside of politics – you know, basically saving the world – became enmeshed in nothing but politics. So now if you’re a Republican and you support the president, throw common sense out the window and ignore the fact that the world is burning despite all the evidence that this is what is happening.

I do know it’s not all Republicans. There are many who know the dangers of climate change. But as long as greasy politicians like Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, Sen. Mitch McConnell from Kentucky and Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas encourage the fossil fuel industries to pour money into their pockets, they will refuse to admit the reality of climate change and not change anything. And the Trumplodytes will go right along with them.

I have reached the point where I no longer believe that political compromise is possible. The only answer is what happened in the 2018 midterms. We have to take power away from these people otherwise they will condemn us all to a future that none of us want.

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