Musings, 12/03/18 -Something smelly in Bladen Co., North Carolina

NC board again declines to certify Mark Harris victory as mail-in ballots questioned

On Friday, North Carolina state board of elections again declined to certify the victory of Republican Mark Harris over Democrat Dan McCready. That’s because there’s a real messy voter fraud issue brewing in Bladen County, which is encompassed in the area that Harris and McCready were battling over. Turns out somebody was doing something funny with absentee ballots that involved trying to trick minority members of the community.

In Bladen, Harris won 61 percent of the votes from mail-in ballots even though registered Republicans accounted for only 19 percent of the county’s accepted absentee ballots, an analysis by Catawba College political scientist Michael Bitzer showed. It was the only county in the district in which Harris won mail-in ballots.

Hmmmm. I wonder which party might be trying to trick minorities not to vote?

You know, Republicans talk again and again about voter fraud, and how people are trying to cheat the electoral system. We all know is just a way for them to try to keep minorities and other people from voting who would vote Democrat. Most of the cases of voter fraud I can find, the guilty parties were Republicans, not Democrats. This is just another example, maybe the most egregious in a long time. Maybe…

Mulroney to deliver eulogy for George H.W. Bush: ‘One of nature’s true gentlemen’

Apparently three years ago, George H. W. Bush asked former Canadian Prime Minister to deliver a eulogy at his funeral. Mulroney accepted. He will focus on Bush’s relations with Canada and the two important treaties he signed with the Great White North: the acid rain treaty and the original free-trade agreement. He will also talk on how Bush treated other nations, even small ones, with respect.

Can we talk a little truth about George H.W. Bush for a second? He was not a great president. Rather undistinguished in fact. Which is why he only won one term. Better than some, worse than others. But compared to the current occupant of the oval office, all former presidents look like Abraham Lincoln.

Wisconsin Republicans Seek to Hobble Democrats

Republicans are all in favor of democracy… Except when they don’t win. Then they try to pull every trick in the book to make sure that even though the people have said we don’t want Republicans in these particular positions, they continue to call the shots. Wisconsin Republicans seem to be particularly anti-democratic and eager to ignore the will of the people.

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