‘Fox and Friends” Has No Sense of Humour – Musings 01/02/19

‘Fox & Friends’ Guest ‘Terrified’ by Jane Curtin’s Joke New Year’s Resolution

Yes, “Fox and Friends” is one of the most popular cable shows in America and is watched almost daily by Donald Trump. “Fox and Friends” is also one of the stupidest and lowest intelligence shows on the air. There are days when I watch the show for a few minutes and I think that the combined IQ of the three hosts is probably equivalent to the speed limit on I-70.

Now I know that the three hosts are probably relatively smart but they have dumbed themselves down so much for their audience they could be replaced by three orange plastic cones and no one would notice the difference. The winner in this race to the bottom is without a doubt Steve Doocy, who on the surface would seem to have the wit and wisdom of a wet sponge and the personality of a toaster.

So this terrific triumvirate’s latest journey into the bizarre is to take Jane Curtin seriously. Somehow when Curtin was asked to make a joke New Year’s resolution and she said she wanted the Republican Party to die, our dear Fox and friends turned this into “Death Wish 10″. They even had a conservative comedian, who is apparently not very funny,” come on to agree with our dear hosts that Jane Curtin actually wants to shoot people who are Republicans.

Like The Donald, there seems to be no bottom when it comes to how low “Fox and Friends” can go. Or how really stupid the program can be.

Donald Trump Gets Busted Boasting About Positive News Coverage Written By Own Aides

I guess Der Trump got tired of only hearing Fox News say nice things about him, so he had to make it look like somebody else was. One of the reasons that it is so difficult to trust anything that conservative media publishes is that they have such lousy journalistic ethics. I mean, why was the Washington Examiner even publishing this, untouched by human hands (or apparently any editor or reporter) except for sweaty ones at the White House? I hope they at least charged the Trump administration for all the advertorial copy that the paper ran.

How Iran made ice cream 2,000 years ago

Turns out that yet another invention claimed by Western civilization was actually invented in the Middle East. Iran was able to store ice in 400 BCE in the desert. No wonder they had ice cream first.

Sorry Italy. You didn’t invent spaghetti or pizza and now it looks like you didn’t invent ice cream either.