Republican Senators Say CIA Evidence Shows MBS Complicit in Khashoggi murder

Senators accuse Saudi crown prince of complicity in Khashoggi murder

Republican and Democratic senators emerged from a meeting with CIA chief Gina Haspel and basically accused Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and James Mattis of lying at worst or of deliberately refusing to admit the role that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman played in the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

I think the jig may be up for MBS. He has his share of enemies in the kingdom and his actions over the past year haven’t made many friends. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s comments that MBS is a “wrecking ball” and “crazy” and that he will not support any more arms sales to the Saudis, adds a LOT more fuel to the fire.

Graham made clear that the crown prince’s involvement in the killing had caused a breach in the U.S.-Saudi relationship, and said the United States should come down on the government in Riyadh like “a ton of bricks.” He said he could no longer support arms sales to the Saudis as long as Mohammed was in charge.

“Saudi Arabia’s a strategic ally and the relationship is worth saving — but not at all costs,” Graham said.

Saudi heirs to the throne have been replaced in the past. It could happen again.

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